Publiczne gimnazjum nr 26 im M.Reja





Our school (lower secondary) is a public school for students aged 13-16. There are 380 students and 40 teachers in our school. Over 50% of our students live in the areas that are potentially endangered by pathology (meaning they have an everyday contact with many social problems); some of them are at risk of social exclusion. 38 students get social help from school (extremely bad financial situation), 23 are sponsored free lunches at school, 50 students have special educational needs (they have problems with writing, memory, concentration etc.), 42 students are brought up by one parent only (because of various reasons), 6 live with foster parents. The region the school is situated in is known as one of the poorest in Lodz (Stare Polesie). In spite of these difficulties, our students achieve very good results in external exams and are winners of various competitions. Teachers organize many after-school clubs for students and they support them in everyday learning. Both teachers and students are willing to take part in extra curriculum activities and international programmes. Our aim is also to teach them tolerance and develop the feeling of the European citizenship.